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Meeting Bishop Martin

Wednesday 30th January 2013,  at 2 o’clock at The Palace, Chichester.

Bishop Martin's Enthronement

Bishop Martin’s enthronement, with the Archdeacon of Canterbury

We are delighted that Bishop Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester, has invited the Chichester Chalice Group network to meet with him.

  •  If you would like to come , please send your name, email address and telephone number, and say whether you are a priest or deacon (or a bishop) or a layperson. It is helpful to us if you give us your postal address too.
  • If you are not on email, send your reply by post to me at 22 Westgate, Chichester PO19 3EU, or ring 01243 789985.
  • Everyone is welcome, whether or not you are on the Chalice list at present.

We do hope to have a good number for this meeting, and apologies if you can’t manage the date.

*   *   *   *   *

In the light of the news about Women Bishops, and developments likely to follow in the New Year, this is a very good opportunity for us to explain our situation and individual views to Bishop Martin, to help him to understand the feeling in the diocese. Chalice is for lay people as well as clergy, and it is very important that lay people make our voices heard too, especially since the vote was lost in the House of Laity (for the detailed voting figures, see analysis on Thinking Anglicans.)

Bishop Martin is our representative in the House of Bishops, and needs to have this information in order to pass it on to his colleagues there. The House of Bishops has recently met and issued a new statement on their position.

He is very ready to receive and respond to letters and views, but a general meeting like this where opinions are shared firmly and openly, in a friendly and honest way, is probably the most effective means of letting him know where we stand. We are grateful to him for the invitation and look forward to an interesting exchange of views.

Our best wishes for a blessed and peaceful Christmas, from Alastair and me



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