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After 10 years in post, Bishop John Hind will be retiring as Bishop of Chichester in April 2012, shortly before his 67 birthday, as announced in the diocese here. We wish Bishop John, and Janet, every blessing in their retirement.

Bishop John Hind

Bishop John Hind

Appointing the new bishop is known as ‘filling the Vacancy in See’ (that is the diocese). Each diocese has a Vacancy in See (ViS) committee that is only called in to service in the event of a bishop retiring or leaving. It is ViS committee statutorily has a number of members by virtue of their office: the remaining senior staff of the diocese (other suffragan/area bishops, archdeacons, the dean); the members of the General Synod elected by the diocese (as they have an electoral mandate already within the diocese); the chairs of the house of laity & clergy of the diocesan synod; and the 4 members elected by the diocese directly to the committee.

The membership of the Chichester Diocesan Vacancy in See Committee can be seen here. (Stephen France and Alastair Cutting of the Chalice Group are both members of the ViS by virtue of being elected to General Synod.)

The process of what happens in a vacancy is outlined here on the Church of England website. The Vacancy in See Committee has a number of key roles, (more…)


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